K9AY Receiving antenna

This antenna is 350ft from my tx mast and fed around the side of the field by 500ft of RG6 TV cable. An additional run of CAT5 cable takes care of relay switching and pre-amp supply volts. Vactrol control volts are fed down the coax as the cat5 voltage varied slightly with relay switching.

It was a tough job feeding the cable through the gorse and thorns of a Cornish hedge to keep the cable safe from farming operations. The day spent laying the cable led to many thoughts along the lines of - 'I dont know why I'm doing this'. But results are outstanding and this simple antenna is by far the biggest single step I've ever made in station performance. The front to back is useful but the greatest improvement has been the reduction in the noise floor. How much is due to the nature of the loops and how much is due to simply moving to a quieter environemnt - I suspect the latter is the biggest contributor.